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Kidysnack training (Free)

Kidysnack training (Free)

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Today it is more and more difficult to find recipes and ingredients that are good for us and our children.

Many recipes that we find everywhere and say “nutritionally good” are in fact not!

Refined wheat flour, white sugar, butter and milk are a whole bunch of potentially inflammatory ingredients:

So-called “healthy”, “gluten-free”, “lactose-free” products are even worse. Ingredients such as wheat, lactose or others are replaced by a whole bunch of harmful additives.

This is why I chose to create and offer you a free e-book in which I offer you recipe ideas (from our daily lives) for breakfast, snacks and afternoon tea that will delight everyone's taste buds. your children but above all will be a high quality nutritional source for the body and brain of your little ones.

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