The hidden danger in your home: Sugar !

As a caring parent, discovering that sugar could be as addictive and harmful as a drug to your children might come as a shock. Yet, the evidence is clear.

The cravings, the mood swings, the lack of focus, all signs point to a battle we're unknowingly fighting.

It's a startling reality, but awareness is the first step toward change. This isn't just a minor issue; it's a significant threat to our children's health and happiness.

Transform your family mornings from Frantic to Fantastic

Imagine starting your day not with the guilt of giving in to sugary cereals, but with the joy of nourishing your children's bodies and minds. The usual morning rush, filled with poor nutritional choices, doesn't have to be your reality.

We offer a path to mornings where your family can enjoy wholesome, energizing breakfasts that set the tone for a healthy day.

The Snack time revolution

The untouched apple in your child's backpack is a symbol of the struggle many parents face: offering healthy snacks that kids actually want to eat.

Our program includes strategies and recipes to make nutritious snacks as appealing as any sugary treat, ensuring your child won't feel left out or deprived among their peers.

Evening meals: Your time to shine

After a long day, it's tempting to resort to quick, unhealthy options for dinner. But what if you could serve meals that are both quick and nourishing?

We'll show you how to break the cycle of "just this once" by providing healthy, delicious alternatives that satisfy the whole family without resorting to frozen pizzas or sugary sodas.

why you must trust us ?

  • Empowering your family's health journey

    With over a decade of experience helping families like yours, we've developed a comprehensive approach to breaking free from sugar. Kidy Sugar Detox isn't just about cutting out sugar; it's about transforming your family's relationship with food.
    From understanding the nature and temperament of your children to reeducating their taste buds, our program offers a step-by-step guide to a healthier, sugar-free lifestyle.

  • A lifestyle transformation!

    Our program goes beyond simple dietary changes. It includes kid-tested recipes that are quick, easy, and free from gluten, lactose, and refined sugars. These meals are not only healthy but also delicious, ensuring that your children enjoy their food without feeling deprived.
    Additionally, our guides to 'approved' ingredients and the exclusive bonus chapter with a full detox plan provide the tools and knowledge you need for lasting change.

  • Your family's health is just a click away!

    Don't let another day pass in the shadow of sugar. For only $39, you can secure a brighter, healthier future for your children.Our special launch offer includes the comprehensive Kidy Sugar Detox e-book, along with an exclusive bonus chapter that offers a full detox plan tailored for kids.This is more than an e-book; it's a roadmap to transforming your family's health, complete with practical advice, delicious recipes, and proven strategies.

What's more, the figures from health organizations are indisputable

  • 70% excess sugar in children

  • Childhood obesity on the rise: +41%

  • Type 2 diabetes on the rise in children

Other effects of sugar in children :

Concentration and learning difficulties
Intense cravings for sweet products
Chronic fatigue

So I've decided to help you free your family from sugar with Kidy Detox Sucre.

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Progressive, gentle guidance:

Opt for a gentle transformation of the family diet with my progressive method. Designed to reduce resistance, especially among children, it ensures a smooth transition. Change your eating habits for the long term, without upheaval or conflict.

Gourmet flavours, preserved health:

At KIDYnature, I make it a point of honor to ensure that good food goes hand in hand with good health. I know that the pleasure of eating is essential, especially for children. My healthy alternatives are designed to keep that joy of eating well intact. With my solutions, your meals will remain moments of pure happiness, combining gustatory delights and well-being.

Recognize their nature and temperament:

Grâce à ce système, vous apprendrez comment trouver les arguments justes pour les motiver. Vous saurez comment les convaincre de réduire leur consommation de sucre, et ce, pour de bonnes raisons. Cette méthode vous aide à comprendre leurs besoins spécifiques et à adapter votre approche pour une transition saine et convaincante loin du sucre.

A real taste re-education:

Rediscover the true taste of food. I'll guide your taste buds, and those of your children, to a world of authentic, less sweet flavors.

It's an approach that aims to instill lifelong healthy eating habits, one bite at a time.

A farewell of sensations of deprivation:

Forget the frustration of restrictive diets. I'll teach you how to replace your favorite foods with healthy alternatives that are just as delicious. No more childish rebellion or sneaky overeating!

28 kid-tested recipes

Tables and lists of "authorized" ingredients: to learn how to create delicious, low-sugar menus.... to infinity!

Do you still have doubts?

Let me say this...

You know, I had to work my way through school, so I understand the value of money.

And I know that when it comes to your family's health and well-being, every decision is an investment.

The ebook I'm offering is priced at €39, which may seem high for a digital book.

However, it's essential to put this cost into perspective by considering the real value and long-term benefits of this investment.

It's not just a book, it's a tool for transforming your family's health over the long term.

That's why KIDY DETOX SUGAR is so inexpensive.

Investment for life:

Think of it as investing in a fruit tree. You pay for it once, but you enjoy the fruits (health, well-being, savings, etc.) year after year. Compared to a meal in a restaurant, which offers a fleeting pleasure for an evening, this ebook represents a pleasure and well-being that lasts a lifetime. It's a long-term investment for your family, far more than just an initial cost.

Cost of a daily coffee:

If you buy a €2 coffee every day at work, that's about €40 a month. For the same cost of your monthly coffee, this ebook can transform your family's health. It's a wise choice, isn't it?

It's not superfluous:

How much do you spend on things you forget exist a week later? With this ebook, every page you turn is an investment in your most precious memory: your family's health.

Here is the unanimous response from families who have taken part in this support program:

"What could it have cost us not to change our children's diet?"
Don't hesitate...take action!

In addition to the ebook pack, I include the chapter where I give you a COMPLETE DETOX CURE to anchor change, which includes:

Specific probiotics to rebalance children's intestinal flora
Bud symbiosis: how to help your body eliminate accumulated sugar
Homeopathic treatment for sugar addiction, specifically designed for children
Advice on how to administer these treatments safely to your children by age group
A link to a pre-filled basket with the complete cure!